May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

This is one of the nicest things to wish for someone

Soon You’ll Be Gone…

After almost a year it ends. I’ve watched you pack up all your stuff, talk to people about moving in with them, and listening to you telling me you love me. But you’re leaving today, gone, fading, almost like a disappearance. I already feel so alone. After being with someone for so long, always with them and now poof. This is the last time I will come home from my morning classes sleeping on the couch. The last time I come home from my noon classes and see you playing video games. The last time I got to wake up to your face in the morning. Its just going to be me and I don’t even know how to be alone anymore. I’m broken, my heart is in a milliion pieces. I cry everywhere I go for the little things that remind me of you. People just stare at me like Im some crazy lady who always cries. Now that you’re leaving I can’t even think about all the bad shit we went through. Just the good. Now I know that after school today he will load up all his stuff in my car and I will drive him to his new life. You’re leaving because you turned abusive but why not fix it, why not be like how things used to be. Ive been hurting for the last couple months but yet Im sitting here balling my eyes out that you’re leaving. I’m torn to pieces, Im broken down, I still see your face when your not around. 

I cant listen to music, watch tv, go on facebook anything without something making me cry. I feel weak, why do I feel so weak? Im so sick to my stomach that I cant even keep food down. Im in pain, everywhere. Physically, emotionally, everywhere. This is the only place I can spill my thoughts, the only place where I feel like I can say something without people thinking Im stupid. I wanna talk but yet I dont cause I just feel like Ill cry. My whole identity I feel needs to be refound. Ill never let anyone get this close to me again. And he knows he will never find anyone like me again. 

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I love your blog <3
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Thank you so much!

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schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

That’s what they’re for?

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It’s hard to think that in a couple days you’ll be packed up and gone.. gone out of the house we moved into together. You’ll be free and I’ll be stuck with every memory, every picture, every song you’d play me, every show we watched, every late night conversation we had cuddling when we couldn’t sleep. I’ll be alone. With this house, the memories and my thoughts that will eat me out alive. What the hell happened to us.